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About Us

A Packhouse dedicated to growers

Our Vision

Our Vision:

To be the most competitively priced and respected packing facility within our industry.

To explore and develop markets or products to accommodate all sizes and grades of fruit to generating greater returns for growers

our mission

Our Mission:

To provide an enhanced level of service to growers and customers. To provide a safe, respectful, non-discriminatory work environment for employees, contractors and visitors. To provide food safe accredited produce to customers. To encourage all persons onsite to respect the environment and be mindful of resources.  To conduct business on all levels without bias or prejudice. To embrace and acknowledge the benefits of being one of the largest businesses within the local area and the need to support the broader community through sponsorships and donations.

Our Story

Avorama is an avocado packing and marketing facility at Stuarts Point, a small coastal village midway between Sydney and Brisbane. Traditionally fishing and banana plantations were the main industries.

Corporate farming entered the area in the late 1960’s, purchasing and developing a large parcel of land to the south of the village to grow asparagus. This venture failed and the consequence of this allowed other producers to purchase sections/lots of the farm. Although owned by numerous growers, who in the beginning grew a variety of crops, the entire parcel of land has been converted to avocado orchards.

Owners Ian and Alison Tolson purchased several sections of that farm, and at first grew potatoes. Wanting a change from intensive horticulture they transitioned to a 100 ha, 20,000 tree orchard which began production in 2006 their 55 ha, 9,000 tree orchard at Comboyne will commence production in 2022. Fruit was initially packed onsite, however increasing production and requests from other growers saw them move to rented premises on the outskirts of the village in 2008. It was an ideal location with ease of access for growers delivering fruit and transport vehicles were not impacting the village. With much larger premises, updated  equipment and commencing with 6 growers their business had diversified to include a ‘packhouse’.

2012 the purchase of the premises and a rapid increase in growers led to a business restructure and Avorama Pty Ltd avocado packing and marketing was created. Attached to the purchase was a rural store franchise and transport depot sub-branch. These businesses have added to the services Avorama provides to not only their growers, the broader community and non-avocado farming enterprises from outlying areas.

The business has seen many changes and continual growth. Four (4) major extensions have taken place to accommodate the increases in production. The business now sources fruit from Beechmont Qld in the north to Mangrove Mountain NSW in the south, has 42 growers at present and packs conventional and organic grown avocados. Management is currently exploring the options of drawing fruit from further outside the current areas being supplied.

Meet The Team


Ian Tolson



Alison Tolson


Jenna Ryan



Jake Binney



Tamekah Gillett

Packing Supervisor

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