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Our packing facility uses the latest technology to maximise efficiency and offer low cost packing solutions to our growers. Due to a large increase in supply and the inflow of growers choosing Avorama as their preferred packing company, we expanded our capacity in 2020 with the addition of a new 4 lane grader with Globalscan 7 automated grading technology. We can pack up to 40 bins per hour!



Avorama has built long term relationships with leading supermarkets, wholesalers, exporters, processors and local independents. We supply all major markets including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Export has become an important market for Australian avocados and we have increased our focus on developing this area and its future potential. 

We have a market for all grades including Premium, Class 1, Class 2 and Processing so that every avocado is returning value to the grower. 

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We have two trucks dedicated to on farm pickup and delivery to the packing facility. 

Our rigid truck can carry 26 bins

Our semi can carry 44 bins

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Growing Regions

Avorama is located in Central NSW with most of our growers located in Stuarts Point and Comboyne. Over time growers from outside the region have joined us and we now have growers spanning from Southern QLD in the north to Mangrove Mountain in the south.

We are always looking to expand our reach! With the capability to offer our services to growers in Central QLD and North Qld, please contact us if you would like to discuss what we can offer.

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Cold Storage

We have 13 cool rooms built specifically for avocados. This includes space for over 300 bins in our receival area and over 120 pallets for dispatch on our loading dock. We also have another 30 spaces in our Rapid Cool rooms that force additional airflow and cool faster to extend shelf life. 



We are certified organic and pack for a small group of organic growers. For more information contact us about our organic packing capabilities.

Certification No. SXC22032



To ensure we meet and maintain the essential level of food safety standards and practices, we are accredited by:

- Freshcare



- Sedex

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